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Quality of Taste and How it Correlates to an Understanding of Production

My time at Formaggio Kitchen teaches, and will continue to teach me, about the true definition of quality.  Here we are, catering to an old money market who can afford our fine products.    Yet the more we understand the back story to how these products are made, we can understand what makes them expensive and … Continue reading

Cheese Thought

Les Agents de L’Affinage: Les enzymes naturelles du lait

Natural Milk Enzymes… All information is derived from Le Fromage by Andre Eck andJean-Claude Gillis and from Cheese: Chemistry, Physics, and Microbiology. Les enzymes, agents de l’affinage, ont trois origines: les enzymes naturelles du lait, les enzymes coagulantes, les enzymes des micro-organismes qui peuplent les pates. Les enzymes naturelles du lait Le lait contient a l’etat … Continue reading

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We learn through the wisdom of farmers…let us come to revere them and understand them….

“One eternal farming seduction involves the distinction between labor-intensive and labor saving processes. Where we suspect we are being offered a false choice, it might be better at the outset to look into the nature of the work. If the job is meaningful and carries intrinsic rewards, then there may be little need to rescue … Continue reading

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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Cheese Tomme

The Recipe Ingredients 2 gallons goat milk 1/2 teaspoon calcium chloride 1/4 teaspoon MM10 direct set starter culture 8 drops of microbial vegetable rennet (2X as powerful) 1/4 cup filtered water cheese salt Pour the milk gently into a stainless steel, heavy bottomed pot.  Gently heat the milk to 88 degrees F.  Add the direct … Continue reading