new america…the transformation of industry and creation

emotions take on more importance with marketing

the passion and the story matters in order to sell

our social networks determine our interactions

the webs of communities overlap through the creative industry of the internet

we all profess our dreams online, making our pleasures, our inspiration, our character known…all a part of the full package which is our identity.

how does our identity have value?  people want not only a product, but the personality/celebrity behind it.  this is how we continue in our iconoclastic roots as a protestant nation of reverence of the object.

yet the physical and the metaphysical are so much more intertwined…the concepts in our brains have been embellished upon through marketing

with all of these endless ways to connect information, we can only hope we are writing new codes, new formulas for success that make us the eye of the storm

we can bring the tribal back to the commnity

a place where people are denoted by their strengths as active members…strong in their craft, intuition, resource, and knowledge…all because they have gone with the intriguing mysterious call of manifesting a life

efficiency through meditation of the individual…

what a true definition of liberation

i am a musician

i am a poet

i am a writer

i am an entrepreneur

i am a scientist

i am an artist

i am whole in my crafts

i am a cheese maker, and i am respected by the communities at large as such…the global tribe nods its head…yes, you have a place, and your creation feeds the populace that surrounds you, but the idea and the inception and the ethereal economical situation feed the rest of the world….even those people who do not eat the cheese

a cheese maker in a community makes the cheese, but this cheese maker should also be able to dance, laugh, play music, celebrate and investigate, climb tall buildings and skyscrapers…the cheese maker can also have human wisdom and tell the tale to all and one that is nourished by the coagulation of many lives lived


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