Cheese Lovers Unite! My new company, Cheese Grotto, has a KICKSTARTER!

Dear Friends,

It is with much excitement that I present you with the launch of my new company and product line called Cheese Grotto™.

What is Cheese Grotto™? You may ask.

Cheese Grotto™ is the optimal cheese storage unit for your fridge, your cupboard, or your cellar. It is an eco-friendly, durable, and aesthetically pleasing preservation method that mimics the benefits of cheese caves.

Cheese Grotto™ employs humidity and air flow technology to keep cut and whole pieces of cheese fresher for longer, with no extra packaging!  And it also couples as an cheese aging unit for all of those DIY food peeps I know that are out there.

Our Kickstarter campaign is live as of today! The first round of prototypes and models will be available exclusively to all of our wonderful Kickstarter supporters, as well as numerous other rewards at the lower levels.  We are at the prototype phase, and we need all the help we can get to jump into operation! You can check it out by clicking here!

We are launching two awesome, and different, cheese storage units.  One is a traditional, European design that has been used on home counter tops for hundreds of years. (We recommend not putting it in the fridge, actually.  See photo below).  We call it Cheese Grotto™ Cheese Safe. The premium Cheese Grotto™ featured above is a higher tech version of this original Cheese Safe design.  Both are needed in the American cheese market and can be available to you very shortly!

I hope you take a look at our Kickstarter, it’s pretty entertaining. Please purchase a reward and spread the curd.  We’ve got an amazing Cheese Grotto™ team who is eager to get the ball rolling.  We’re looking forward to collaborating with retailers and cheese makers.  We’re ready to teach the world about the best ways to produce, curate, and preserve your beloved dairy!

All the best,
Jessica Sennett
President of Cheese Grotto™
Cheese Making Teacher at Cheese in the City

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