American Raw Milk Cheese Tasting: Home Made Pairings and Regional Wines

4-1-15 Raw Milk Cheese Tasting Pre-Shoot-8

Saturday, April 18th.

4 to 6pm

At 61 Local: 61 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY

$39, Reserve your spot

National Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day is coming up and I invite you to celebrate! The world of American raw milk cheese producers has grown exponentially in the past ten years. The flavor profiles of their raw milk cheeses are rich, complex, and delicious.

My house made tasting menu serves as an appetizing early evening experience, both savory and sweet. You’ll learn about raw milk cheese making processes, and how to best pair these delectable dairy products with seasonal produce and regional wines. Ever wonder about the true meaning of ‘cheese terroir’ ? I’ll explain how cheese makers prioritize healthy land and healthy animals when making artisan raw milk cheese.

You’ll sit around a communal table for one big cheesy discussion. Friends and family are welcome!


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