San Francisco’s First Homestead Cheese & Pairings Soiree!

The craft of cheese making predates recorded history, tracing back to the domestication of animals in the Zagros mountains of Iran during 8000-6000 BC. Cheese craft took root in medieval European homes as a natural way to preserve milk. Today’s world of artisan cheese is rooted in the homestead lifestyle of the early Americas. A staple of many places at many times, cheese has remained a universal constant, providing the proteins and fats necessary for survival, fostering culture and community at the epicenter of life.


Support local, up and coming cheese makers!

Join us for an evening of live music and fine tasting, where pastoral lifestyle meets urban elegance! Enjoy cheese from our community paired with home brews, wines, and other locally made accoutrements!

Homestead Cheese & Pairings
Saturday, February 27, 2010
6-10 pm
Blue Six 3043 24th Street at Treat Street

Free! Cheese tasting will be “suggested donation.”

 This is a private event that will require signing up before arriving at the door.  Sign up is free!  SIGN UP HERE

Everyone is welcome! 

DJ Mommy Daddy Baby
The Love Dimension

this list is growing! check back for the full menu!

{Fresh Cheese}

Hanna Hart, Toluma Farms: Farmstead Chevre
Jessica Sennett: raw cream cheese, golden baked ricotta

Yerba Santa Dairy: Fromage Blanc, Goat Feta

Ryan Marenco

{Aged Cheese}

Debernardi Dairy: Two Rock Goat Cheese, 3 months, 6 months, 7 + months

Jessica Sennett: Chevrotin des Aravis, firm goat


Happy Goat Caramel: Goat Milk Caramels and Caramel Sauce

Slow Jams: quince jam and jelly, honey fuyu persimmon butter, and more!

{Raw Honey}

Wiley Rogers: Raw Oakland Honey


INNA Jam and Pickles


Sour Flour: Original San Francisco Sourdough

{Cured Meats}



Zoey Kroll : Edible Office


Gumbo Man: Persimmon Porter Ale
Laura McGrath: Ginger Beer
K.Ruby Blume, Sparky Beegirl Research & Ferment, Honey Wyne.


I hope to see you there! This is the epic beginning of many more events to come.

Be a producer! Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about becoming a producer.

Jessica Sennett

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