Homestead Cheese and Pairings: Rural Cheese Farm Meets Urban Farm

A Regional Gathering

tasting maps by denise bilbao

The path towards change will start locally, but it will connect regionally.  Growth starts from the ground up.  Our sustenance begins with the soil, the air, the water, and the elements.  From these, we taste how quality food can revolutionize our world.

Farmstead Dairy Animals live a cyclical lifestyle.  They survive off of pasture, alfalfa, and greens of all types.  The artistry of developing a palate couples with the artistry of developing a piece of land.

The Monteillet Fromagerie is a French goat and sheep artisanal cheese production with an inherent hands on, underground spirit.  It is a resource center for all of the west coast.  Gardens, animals, courses, outdoor kitchen, and an artistic vision of a new agricultural economy.

Come learn, share, and taste the knowledge of what it takes to make a quality cheese from the ground up.

The Menu:

“Le fromage”: The Cheese

Monteillet Fromagerie

Fresh: 2/3 goat milk, 1/3 sheep milk

Cardabelle: Soft-ripened, 2/3 goat milk, 1/3 sheep milk, flavors of white button mushrooms, butter, and citrus

Larzac: Soft-ripened, 2/3 goat, 1/3 sheep, Layer of grapeleaf ash and sea salt running through the center, Flavors of artichoke, asparagus, citrus, and mushrooms

Le Roi Noir, “The Black King”: Soft-ripened, 2/3 goat, 1/3 sheep, Grapeleaf Ash and sea salt on the exterior with a crown of edible gold, flavors of mushrooms, unlike any other cheese!

Provencal: Soft-ripened, 2/3 goat, 1/3 sheep, Marinated in Olive Oil with truffle oil, rosemary, garlic, summery savory, and peppercorns

La Fleur du Midi:  Fresh round, rolled in smoky and hot paprika with sea salt with a layer of paprika running through the center.  Great Mediterranean flavors!  Citrusy and smoky!

La Reine Blanche: Soft-ripened round of fresh, very creamy, rich, and dense, great with Maple Brown microbrew

Causse Noir: Hard cheese tomme, aged 3 months, 2/3 goat, 1/3 sheep milk.  Flavors of nuts, butterscotch, caramel, oranges and lemons.  Great with all wines!

Caramel de Chevre:  A decadent goat milk caramel reduction sauce.  One taste and you are in the clouds…

A Regional Pairing with Yerba Santa Dairy: California and Washington cheese meet

Fromage Blanc

Fresh Chevre

Basque Goat Style

*Paired with Bay Area homestead:


Muffin Street Brewery: IPA, Ginger Porter, Maple Brown, Lager


Foggy Bridge Winery

2008 Chardonnay, 2006 Reserve Cab Sauv, 2007 Muscat

Periscope Cellars

Mash Up Red

ark 221 house mulled wine

wine, spices, and warmth, yum!

wild, foraged delights



Happy Girl Kitchen

: spicy carrots, beets, and dill pickles

urban farm produce specialties/greens

Growing Homes Community Garden

: fresh greens wrapped together with garden delights inside

cured meats

Cured by Visconti

bresaola piemontese style, prosciutto, beautifully brined sausages



: plenty spicy JALAPEÑO, seascape STRAWBERRY, albion STRAWBERRY, wild PLUM, BLACKBERRY, TAYBERRY, josephine RASPBERRY, blenheim APRICOT



hand-rolled cognac truffles, salted caramel, bittersweet, green tea and jasmine, orange and cardamom, sour cherry almond bark, and caramelized chocolate covered almonds.

pastry delights

The Golden Crust


Arizmendi Bakery

…. live music


Kelly McFarling and Jonathon Kirchner


Zachary Blizzard

…. farm photo series

a photo montage of hands on production from Monteillet Fromagerie, INNA Jam, Foggy Bridge, Zoey Kroll, and more…!

Finale DJ Dreamstorm Dance Party starting at 10!

Come join us for a night of pairing the rural artisan with the urban artisan.

Where: ARK 221, 221 11th St. San Francisco, CA 94103 map
When: July 31st, 2010, 7-11pm
Cost: “suggested donation” $5 cover charge at the door, with “suggested donation” tastings

SIGN UP  to attend the event.  This is an almost free, private event.  Members only!  Sign up is free.  Space is limited, so each individual attending must sign up.  When you sign up, you also understand that some of the products have not been made in a commercial kitchen space. Invite all of your friends!  Spread the Cheese Love.  You can also sign up at the door.

Contact  Jessica Sennett directly to sign up: jrennet@gmail.com or 415.290.8043

Or sign up on Facebook

Be an Urban Vendor Click here! The vendor fee is $30, and you will provide a tasting with a suggested donation price of $2-$7.  Urban farms are beautiful and we want to celebrate the bounty.

Be a Photographer Have some great farming production photo series?  Want to photograph the event?  We want you!
Be a Musician Let’s move and groove all night long.
Be a Volunteer How fun to be a part of a revolutionary night! 

Email Jessica Sennett directly: jrennet@gmail.com

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