Food extremists and the real quest for Nourishment

The producers of artisan goods are seen as the noble heroes of our day.  They are living the noble lifestyle:  it is humble, it is long hours, it is a surrender to a lifestyle that works as its own ecosystem for all parties involved.  It is a life that is ultimately vulnerable to the elements, where nothing is guaranteed, where each day is free form.  One has to be flexible, smart on one’s feet, able to conquer emotional states in order to tackle the tasks at hand that need immediate attention for the basic need: survival.  Livelihood.  How more real can one get?  Through the sweat, toil, meticulous effort, we achieve products with nature that broaden the palate, that bring a temporal achievement of immortality.  

Who is made for this life as a farmer, or as an instrumental person within the food system?  And what does one have to sacrifice in order to achieve recognition as being one of the few who make the cut?  What values does one have to have in order to venture into this lifestyle in a globalized world?

First off, it all seems to be a labor of love.  Passion.  The eccentricity and the ego of an artist vision.

Second, it seems to be a lifestyle that works for pragmatic types, who are blunt, direct, and constantly consumed by work.

Why must some make the cut and some must change careers mid way to become a doctor, a lawyer, or work in technology?

Is a true labor of love an endeavor where one constantly is giving and not allowing the space to enjoy the crafts themselves?

I want to educate through Nourishment, but I also want to Nourish myself.  Often times in the food industry, it seems that the nourishment needs of the providers/workers slip under the rug.  Should food be such an elusive, perishable God that we are not able to partake in its conceptual wisdom?  We must always try to work harder,  we must always be chasing that lost meal that we will never find from the Old Country.

Do I like the culture that accompanies food stores? Culture that supports manic energy in its employees..to keep working, to believe they are above the quest of nourishment in its most literal sense.  Should we stop eating and sharing meals in order to sell one more piece of cheese, one more prepared food that we ourselves will scarf down in the back behind the curtain…to be called out onto the floor once again, with a forced smile upon our face?

I am not sure I feel passion in this way.

Should we be so vain as to push our own very weakness into a corner…hunger….?

I will make the cut.  I will do it under terms of equality, justice for my workers, and Nourishment as a basis.  Food is a celebration, and with it comes a vigor for learning and for working.  

If people had their own Nourishment as their goal, how would dynamics change?  How would we work together and collaborate.  Work would be seen as an apprenticeship, and agreement, rather than fear induced labor driven by a few lone, powerful egos.

Who will speak with me?  How can we play this game and all win?

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