The Old Soul

At the moment, I am sitting and reading in my kitchen, after consuming roasted squash flesh with home made harissa.  The plump Tartine Bread Book is in my hands.   I rest here, satiated by the natural progression of Chad Robertson’s quest for “the loaf with an old soul.”

I find this to be a fabulous meditation and the deepest sense of passion.  

To follow a path absorbed by the craft is to let oneself pulse with the rhythm of a story bigger than one’s own.  To find a partnership with something with as much living and breathing life force as a fellow human.  To revere food in its sacred state is to revere the whole process, to live a humble life that stimulates creativity, and leads one to the path of wisdom.  

Sense of place, sense of self, and a desire to protect the valuable knowledge that each individual holds within.  

Ambition comes from honesty and integrity within the craft.  

Let us maintain these values in the way we conduct business with one another and with our children.

Break bread, eat cheese raised from the land.

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