The Nigerian Dwarf Goat Experience

On December 21, 2010

Oh!  What a glorious day it was to go foraging with Hale Sofie Schatz and her lovely Nigerian Dwarf Goat tribe on conservationist land in Lexington.  We all were attentive as they munched on acorns and crunchy hickory leaves (one of their favorites), and we fed the Queen her share, as she was the most tense of them all, constantly on the look out for mischievous dogs.

The most poignant part of the trip was thinking about how suburban development could be salvaged into farm land once again.  How can we incorporate the existing nature around us into farming techniques?  Humans can forage that land, but so can pack and dairy animals.  Below is a photo gallery of our journey.

Photos taken by Thomas Pham.

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