Vermont Adventure #1: Shelburne Farms and Twig Farm

The weather was cold, barren, and the snow began to fall on our ride back to the city, which resulted in us sliding off the road on Miller Hill between Brandon and Richdale in a snow ditch.  City slickers, beware!  Tow trucks will take your pocketbook and run out in these parts!

Shelburne Farms

There is no milk to be found, the land was quiet, the Shelburne Inn boarded up, but we were able to eat a gratin of potatoes, turnips, and Shelburne 1 year cheddar with one of the head Gardeners, Amanda,  in the sweet garden home.  A beautiful, winter farm evening.

Twig Farm

Michael Lee, the cheese maker, gave us a run down of the place and the pasture.  He used to work at Formaggio Kitchen where Megan and I now dream of cheese and a life of food while selling the finest products around.  Below is a photo gallery of the experience, including his caves, and the brine and hard cider bath!  This brine mix is what makes his Wash Rind such a balance of fruit, salt, yeast, and oh so much more.  Michael has Alpine goats, both American and French.  And a little Nubian is thrown into the mix, too.  He uses Jersey Cow milk from a neighboring farm during the winter months.  This makes his cheese so full bodied with no strong, off flavors… He likes to focus on the beauty of the milk in his practices, which I think is the perfect meditation.



Blue Ledge Farm

They were closed, but we sneaked around.  I think I discovered that they have an underground cellar!

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