Homemade Cheese Dinners

Pop Up Dinners: Homemade Cheese Fridays


Happy New Year everyone!

Fresh beginnings call for fresh cheeses, and recently, I have been digging my hands deep into the curd and the kitchen.  Have a craving for homemade cheese? Every Friday at SkytownBK in Bushwick, I am crafting a dinner menu inspired by my winter creamery creations: mozzarella, ricotta, and crème fraîche. The hand crafted cheeses will evolve seasonally, as will the menu.

This past week, I made my first burrata in-house: a pouch of freshly stretched mozzarella curd filled with creamy house ricotta.  Chef Darin Gregory drizzled honey over the top as I dusted it with chili flake.  It was a glorious moment.  The house burrata will arrive on the menu this coming February.

This Friday’s menu highlights a few classic Italian dishes that pair excellently with my creamery creations.  The bar will offer you a variety of cocktail pairings and your belly will be happy.


921 Broadway at Melrose

Brooklyn, NY 11206

homemade cheese menu
january 24th
6pm to 10pm

join us every friday for a special rotating dinner menu featuring jessica’s homemade cheese  (yes, we actually make fresh cheese right here in the skytown kitchen!)

cheese puff poppers 9
house mozzarella, almond arugula pesto, portobello mushroom, basil
add bacon / 2

raviolo al uovo 9
fresh pasta filled with house ricotta, a farm egg, roasted butternut squash + braised kale in a sage brown butter sauce

winter soup 9
roasted butternut squash + parsnip with house mozzarella + sun-dried tomato crostini

skybowl 9  
rice, beans, choice of house cheese, kale, mushrooms, roasted tomato

mini italian donuts 9
house crème fraîche + sautéed apples

homemade cheese friday creations


Jan. 3rd, Cheese Puff Poppers


Jan. 17, Chocolate shortbread, poached pear, house crème fraîche, rosemary


Nov. 29, Roasted carrot + cauliflower soup with house mozzarella crostini + fresh greens

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